About Techful


Techful Electronics Industrial Company Limited is a technical consultancy specializes in designing electronics products and production with their own designs, was founded in 2000 and incorporated as a limited company in 2004. The company provides a wide range of services, from electronics product design to application development services, which could be applied to various industries to fulfill different scopes of development and requirement. We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of Audio & Video Product. Our main products include wired and wireless RF Audio Product & accessories, Audio-cards, Monitoring Speaker, Keyboard, Amplifier, Projector, HDMC and PMC. We are renowned for applying our in-depth knowledge, practical experiences and cutting-edge technology in order to design and manufacture the tailor-made product for our clients. Achieving maximum cost-efficiency for our clients and striving for a higher position in the market through the products had always been our primary objectives.

Sustained innovation

Extensive experience with different operating system platform (Windows, Mac OS, WinCE and Linux) and a variety of products. (Computer, Communication and Consumer)
Key strengths are the seamless analog/digital circuit of Electrical and Industrial with 3D Mechanical design.
Well in hardware and firmware of embedded system design for Multi-media, Storage, VoIP and Wireless domain.
Specifically contribute solutions of mobile or portable for Multi-media with/without Wireless device and peripheral.

Respect for human values is our goal

As the competitive paradigm shifts, competitive advantages are no longer based on land, labor, raw resources and financial capital. Knowledge and creativity are Techful's foundation that will be leveraged to maximize innovation and strengthen management. And, we believe that traditional measures of value for companies such as "Fixed Assets" will change to become "Human Resources", "Innovation Ability", "Corporate Culture and Processes" and "Customer Relationship Management" and other knowledge-based assets. These things are the core of intellectual capital in the era of the knowledge economy. The core of intellectual capital management is: how to create synergy from the accumulation of knowledge and how to profit in the marketplace by using that activated knowledge? How to inspire team members to actively participate in the creation of knowledge? How to express and measure the value of knowledge? Everything about this, and related to it, requires a strong commitment not only from top management but also from the organization as a whole. Success depends on the ability and willingness of individuals to initiate and focus their knowledge on strategy. Techful's philosophy is that people are our most important asset. Devotion to respect for human values is our goal. We also believe that when our people are given proper leadership and are dealt with fairly, they will participate deeply, communicate freely, share fully and all will benefit. We are committed to this corporate culture and style. The result of implementing this for shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees is the establishment of more positive cycles that include fair-value exchanges, win-win strategies and long-term interdependent relationships.